Monday, December 13, 2010

sorry about the lame sauce.

the holidays are not a good time to be organized nor ambitious. thus, i must soundly apologize for my excessive failure in keeping up with our book club reading. i am finally through with 'never let me go', but have to admit, it kept me up late at night worried about my organs, my childhood, and the state of my imagination. nothing about that book inspired me to eat, maybe only drink lots of water to keep my liver healthy and some ambien to allow me to sleep better at night....
i am currently reading the v.s. naipaul book, 'the masque of africa', which again, is lacking to inspire my foodie ways. i am thinking i could have picked more inspirational books...
i am also contemplating abandoning the list all together, and just starting to read mark twain's biography instead... its probably the most inspirational book on the list, and i need some sparks of wit and humor in my life right now.
hope you all have either found deeper meaning in the books i picked than i have or have given up completely by now. let me know what other books you are reading!
i hope you are all having a happy holiday.
love, claire

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